Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meeting family

I visited Zija Pawla today. She's my grandpa's sister. We also met her daughter Bernardette, Alec, Andre and Orlando (who is only 14 days old!). It was an enjoyable morning.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Everytime I post a comment I always mention some of the cool things I do, but life is not always so exotic and out of the norm. I actually live quite a normal life here. I do have days when I have nothing to do, and when I feel a bit lost. And I also have days when I feel a bit alone and confused. These ups and downs of life have actually been harder to face here being in a different country away from family, friends and my usual comfort zone. It's been quite a challenge.
They have challenged me into acting on my life and do the things I want there to be in my life. I always used to let things happen as they come and fill my time with what comes along... well... here that attitude had to change if I wanted things to happen.
At different points during these past 6 months I had to shake myself up, scold myself for being lazy and laid back, and try to stand up on Jesus' teaching and live the life that wants to live in me. It has been a trail and error experience but I'm getting there slowly slowly. I just have to remember not to give up when things do not go my way... hehe...

Symbio Wildlife Park

Last Saturday I went to Symbio Wildlife Park with a friend, Jess; we had a GREAT TIME!!

Have a look at the pics:

We had the opportunity to pat a Koala, feed the Kanagaroos and Wollaroos (Which similar to Kangaroos but smaller) and see a lot of really cool animals. Red Panda, Meercat (Timon in Lion King :p), Emus, Lamas, Ostrich, Tasmanian Devil, Deers, Dingos (its a wild dog that lives in Northern Australia)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another week...

Another week has gone by... days are passing by very quickly - in a month's time I'll be sleeping at Randwick Park on the vigil to the World Youth Day mass with the pope, and in two month's time I'll be in stop over in Larnaca - 2 hours away from Malta.

Today I had a day off so I went in the city and was a tourist for a day:
  • I walked round the Botanical Gardens
  • Visited the Tourist Information Centre (for some more info about things I can do)
  • Went to The Rock Discovery Museum (which explained some of the history of the City)
They were all interesting. But I think what made it an even more pleasant experience was the fact that I had started the day with prayer. It lightened up my mood, and helped me smile :) - I sometimes forget to do that.... hehe...

I then rushed home to cook dinner. I promised I'd cook Octapus stew today!! Outcome? - Delicious!! Thanks for the tips Ma! People went back for seconds! ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It was one of the few days when everyone was at home: We decided to have a picnic. We filled up the picnic baskett with food and sweet delicacies and went down to Wooloongong for a picnic next to the beach. It was a nice break to have.

Some of the 'bigs' in Australia

For those who don't know Australia is quite known for its 'big' things. On our way down to Victoria (~1000Km) we stopped next to some of these bigs:

First - Big Marino
Second - Big Ned Kelly
Third - Giant Chair
Fourth - Big ... emmm... mmm ... forgot its name!! :s

Puffing Billy - Steam Engine Train

I always wanted to know how it felt to travel on a steam engine train. Well... I was in Victoria I got the opportunity to go on one =D. It was quite an experience... hehe... It is very noisy and sooty but very cool. This old train is called 'Puffing Billy' and it works on coal. It's a very sweet train - like Thomas the train! :)

At one point during the journey we went up a relatively steep hill. The noise made by the train, chuff chuff, chuff chuff, had a particular pace that you could imagine it saying: I think I can, I think I can... hehe... It must have been quite a revolution for people used to travelling by cart or foot.